Oil Motor Changing The Oil  - Skica911 / Pixabay

Have your oil regularly changed

Your vehicle’s oil and fluids should always be changed on a regular basis. At Gasoline Alley, we have a full-time technician on staff who handles the majority of our oil changes.

28-point inspections

At Gasoline Alley, we complete a 28-point inspection of your vehicle as part of every oil change, which includes testing your battery and checking belts, hoses and tires.

We always use Valvoline oil and high-quality filters for our oil changes. Please let us know if you’d prefer a synthetic or brand name oil instead.

Caring for your auto battery

When testing your battery in our 28-point inspection, we’ll top off its water as well as brush and coat the battery terminals.

To extend the life of your battery, turn off your A/C when starting your car. If your car is sluggish when starting up, it may be time for a new battery.