As an automotive repair shop owner, I am often asked, “How often should I change my oil?” My cousin Brian, who lives in England, uses synthetic oil and will go 5,000 – 10,000 kilometers between oil changes. Brian is a motor head, in fact when I first met him, his Dad and him where over hauling an engine on the dining room table (much to my Aunt’s chagrin)!

My Dad was religious about his oil changes. Every 3,000 miles he would have the car looked over and the oil changed. Dad was not a motor head, but he was an engineer for De Havilland (airplane manufacturer) and understood the importance of well-maintained machinery and equipment.

Change Engine OilWhat Type of Oil is Best

Many people swear by synthetic oil, no question in my mind, it’s a good invention. My problem with it is that you can go longer between oil changes, which means the vehicle goes longer before a professional checks it over.

In fact, many new cars don’t need an oil change for 7,000 to 10,000 miles. Can you imagine the damage that can happen to a car/truck in 10,000 miles? If you tear a CV boot leaving the lot, chances are in 10,000 miles all the grease will be gone from the boot and instead of just replacing a CV boot, your buying a new axle!

My point is that regular maintenance is the key to your vehicles survival. I’ve seen new cars self-destruct because the owner forgot to change the oil. Think about it, a $35.00 oil change versus a new engine – you do the math!

Parting Thought … Ponder This

Every year car manufacturers each produce 4 – 8 different new vehicles. In order for repair shops to survive, every year they are required to upgrade their knowledge and equipment to diagnose and fix these vehicles.

Human’s, on the other hand, have been on this planet for 2.5 million years. There are only two models and doctors still get to “Practice Medicine”! What’s with that?