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Taking your car brakes seriously

Keeping your brakes in top working order is always a priority at Gasoline Alley. You can always count on us to use quality parts at the best possible price.

Be aware of your brakes

If you feel a vibration while braking, it likely means the rotors have become warped. Our ASE certified mechanics can machine or replace your rotors as necessary. When you hear a high pitched squeal while driving, it is a sign that the brakes are very low. And when your brakes feel “soft,” it could be due to low brake fluid or a bad brake master.

Your Locally Owned & Operated Auto Shop

We service all makes and models of vehicles with the utmost respect and care. Our auto technicians all have 25+ years of experience and take pride in the servicing and safety of our community families.

Schedule an appointment to bring your car or truck in and find out for yourself why we’re the “best little shop in town.”